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Let Me Scan Your Documents!
Why Scan Your Documents?
Scanning your paper documents can help save space and reduce clutter by converting the paper to a digital format, and eliminating piles of paper and the need for storage cabinets. 
Your documents can be stored on your computer or backed up onto a CD, and will always be at your fingertips when you need them. 
Scanning your documents also protects your important records if they are ever lost or damaged in an unforeseen event.
What Can Be Scanned?
Anything!  Birth certificates, tax returns, insurance forms, living wills, sheet music, magazine articles, business cards, recipes, even greeting cards, invitations, and other mementos.
Turn Your Paper Documents Into Editable Text
No more retyping your hard copy documents when they need to be updated.  Using OCR (optical character recognition), printed characters are converted into digital text, allowing you to edit your document in a word processor such as MS Word.
Just about any printed text can be converted using OCR… contracts, manuals, manuscripts, resumes, typed family recipes, magazine articles, excerpts from books, and much more.
Here’s How I Can Help
I provide personalized document scanning, document conversion, and OCR services.  I'll create custom directories to keep your files nicely organized, so you can quickly and easily locate your information.
I'm happy to work with you to meet your individual needs.
Document Scanning: 
  • Originals that are in loose pages:                                          $0.55/page
  • Originals that are bound, or require a flatbed scanner:         $1.95/page
*   A small charge will be applied for unstapling, and special document preparation
** There is a $60 minimum for document scanning or OCR conversion services. 
Volume pricing (over 500 pages) is available.
OCR Conversion Options: 
  • “As Is” OCR Conversion:  Your documents will be scanned and saved to the file format of your choice, but will not be corrected for characters that were not recognized by the software and punctuation that did not translate properly. Due to the limitations of OCR technology, conversion errors are possible and I highly recommend taking advantage of my proofreading and editing services to do the quality control and corrections for you.
Note:  This is a text only conversion.  Formatting, graphics, charts, tables, diagrams, or images from the original are not retained.
Price:  $1.95/page
  • OCR Conversion with Proofreading and Corrections:  Each scanned document will be carefully compared against the original to ensure that all text and punctuation was translated properly, and all necessary corrections will be made.
Note:  This is a text only conversion.  Formatting, graphics, charts, tables, diagrams, or
images from the original are not retained.
Price:  $2.95/page
  • OCR with Formatting and Images/Graphics:  In addition to proofreading and corrections, all charts, diagrams, and images will be scanned so that the finished document matches the original as closely as possible.  Information in a table format will be recreated so that the data in the tables may be edited as well as the text in the document.  Tables of contents will also be recreated.
Price: Quotes can only be provided after evaluating a sample of the original document
Your documents are unique and have their own individual characteristics; therefore, the prices listed are best estimates.  These prices are based on an average amount of text using standard fonts and characters, from originals that are in good condition. 
Factors that could affect pricing are handwriting on the page, non-standard fonts, very small text, larger than average amounts of text on a page, text that includes medical jargon or technical terms, and whether or not the original is in good condition.  Exact quotes can be provided after viewing a sample of the original documents.
The finished documents may be saved as a .doc, .txt, .rtf, and more.  It can be delivered via email, uploaded to a website, or saved onto a CD.
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