Photo Scanning by Kim

Don’t let your precious photos be forgotten or fade over time... preserve your favorite memories!  They are a unique glimpse into your personal and family history, and are a wonderful way to share your life experiences with your loved ones.


I use a professional, high quality flatbed photo scanner to digitize your one-of-a-kind photos and treasured memories.  Your digital images will be preserved for years to come, and can be easily shared with friends and family. 


Scanning your photos and having a digital copy also provides you with a backup that you'll have if your photos are ever lost, damaged, or need to be copied to another computer or device.


Your photos will be hand scanned individually, and handled with care.

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What You'll Get:

Personalized service!  I'll work with you to discuss your project, and ensure your specific preferences are met.

I'm happy to accommodate special requests whenever possible.  

File names of your choice!  You may choose any name you'd like to identify your photos.

Organized images!  If your originals are currently organized a particular way and you'd like to keep them that way when they're digitized, I'll create customized folders using the names of your choice, to keep your photos nicely organized. 

I can even help label your photos to identify the people in them!

You choose how you'd like to receive the digital images... I can upload the files to Google Drive for you to download, or copy the images onto a new portable USB drive that you provide.  For $10 extra, I'll give you a CD of your scanned images, with a personalized jewel case cover.



Includes dust removal (or Digital ICE for slides and film), red eye reduction, and brightness/contrast adjustments where needed to improve the quality of the original.

- Photos (borderless):            $0.95 each*

- Slides (includes Digital ICE): $0.95 each

- 35mm Negatives:                $1.25 each

 * For oversized photos, call for pricing.

Photo repair and restoration services are also available.