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Let a Virtual Assistant Help You

Save Your Valuable Time!


Whether you’re a small business owner, or simply a person with too much to do,

I'm here to lend a helping hand.


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Office Assistance


  •  Excel spreadsheets - create or maintain spreadsheet data

  •  Document formatting - create or reformat forms and documents

  •  Proofread / Review documents for accuracy - proofread documents, emails, newsletters, brochures, press releases, term papers, websites

  •  Web research and information gathering - research any topic or product and document results

  •  Website updates - make website changes as needed

  •  Data entry

  •  Out of the ordinary tasks ~ just ask!


Scanning Services


  •  Photos - digitize photos, slides, negatives, scrapbooks, and other mementos

  •  Artwork - digitize artwork to upload to a website, display as a portfolio, or use in photo projects

  •  Yearbooks - digitize yearbook pages for a class reunion website, or scan individual alumni photos

  •  Documents - digitize personal or business documents and convert to PDF

  •  Document Conversion - convert typewritten pages into editable text (OCR), convert files from one format to another (PDF to JPG, or JPG to PDF, or Word to PDF)

  •  DVD slideshows - a photo montage makes a creative gift to honor someone special, including pets!


No project is too small.  Whether it's just for one project, or for occasional tasks in your personal life or for your business, I'm here to help!

Virtual Computer Services                    (301) 438-3140          

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